From the Streets to the Studio – An interview with Baddy Oosha

Akeem Badmus popularly known as Baddy Oosha has been a major background player in the Nigerian Entertainment industry for quite a while. Although most know him as an entrepreneur and philanthropist, what some do not know is that his love for the industry goes beyond supporting young musician and actors from the background. He has also acted in movies and released a handful of popular songs. In this sit-down, Nigerian Entertainment interviews the street proclaimed Lion. In his first ever interview as an entertainer, he shares with our readers a side of Baddy Oosha that we are Nigerian entertainment hope to see more of. A side that sees him as true entertainer in his own right. We hope you enjoy this exclusive interview

An Interview with Baddy Oosha


Nigerian Entertainment: The name Baddy Oosha is quite popular on the streets of Nigeria, could you formally introduce yourself?
Baddy Oosha: My real name is Akeem Badmus

NE: You are also popularly known as “Lion” where did that reference stem from?
Baddy Oosha: The Lion is the king of the jungle naw ? and I’m the king of my lane (Street) I can be calm and I can rooooooar

NE: Baddy Oosha is also popular within the Nigerian Entertainment industry, where did you love for the industry begin?
Baddy Oosha: I’ve always been an actor. I started acting when I was in primary school and I’ve always loved and invested in showbiz since high school, So it’s been a while.

NE: Some popular artists have used your name in their songs, how would you say you rose to fame in the industry?
Baddy Oosha: I’ve been supporting Nigerian music in one or two ways and Errmmmm I’ll say by just being yourself, famzing is not necessary, a lot of people are watching and if they appreciate you they’ll surely give you a shout out

NE: So, you are also an actor, having done a good number of Yoruba films, Can you give us a bit of history?
Baddy Oosha: Hehehehhe I actually stopped acting in 2007 until recently. I stopped acting because I was scammed for a huge amount of money ( Millions ) for a film production by a director and funny enough when I took the preview copy to a marketer he said he can’t buy it for more than 250k. I cried because  I sold so many things for that movie. So I was discouraged but I am back but we are not rolling in the old ways anymore. You know LION is a big brand now naw, so anything that wanna come out from OOSHA EMPIRE must be superb.

NE: Oosha Empire? Is that the name of your entertainment outfit?
Baddy Oosha: Yes it is

NE: What industries will it support ?
Baddy Oosha: Music and Movies

NE: Your love for music is evident, who would you say are your all-time favorite Nigerian Musicians?
Baddy Oosha: You know I be Street boy naw so I f*k with Saheed Osupa, Reminisce and Olamide all day. Also Small Doctor, you know the history naw ??

NE: From the streets to the studio – what prompted you to record your first single?
Baddy Oosha: Funny enough I didn’t plan it. I went to visit my mom and a guy told me he owns a studio that I should please come check it out to see if it’s a good standard studio, so I can tell my friends about it. When I got there, an artist was recording and I was trying to correct him that this is wrong, he got angry and he said are you an artist? You think it’s easy? I said I’m not an artist but I’m close to so many and I’ve seen how they record, in short, I can do better than you, then I said producer, play me a beat and gimme 20 mins, if I don’t come up with something I’ll give the artist 100k. That’s how I came up with E’semi the first single, and everyone was surprised. I didn’t even want to release it but I sent it to some of my friends in the industry and let me just call it a leak because they loved it.

Listen to E Semi by Baddy Oosha


NE: How has the reception been?
Baddy Oosha: You know say Na joke me I dey, I am just doing my thing, but trust me iTunes and music plus they pay me well sha, which means people love it

NE: Any plans for an album?
Baddy Oosha: Album ke? ??  Except a DJ or someone piles my singles up but for now, not me lol..

NE: Any plans to shoot videos?
Baddy Oosha: That’s what am saying, I count those things as stress because to me I am only singing for fun, I am not an artiste per say. Would you believe some artistes started feeling intimidated when I started dropping songs lol, like what’s wrong with this chairman, na everything u wan do? And some stopped giving me shout out lol. I want to give a big shout out to Olamide though .. so if I’m shooting a video, I may do it just for YouTube.  if I’ll shoot any song, maybe Timba Lowo, I’ll just feature one artist on it, like 9ice or Davido, because we have almost same voice lol and I am a big fan of both too

Watch Baddy Oosha Perform Live with Olamide


NE: Out of your singles, E Semi, Timba Lowo, and Ibile Freestyle – which is your favorite?
Baddy Oosha: Errrrrmmmmm na everything oooo but I think when Timba Lowo come up anywhere people loved it, so I’ll go with people’s favorite

NE: What challenges did you face recording them?
Baddy Oosha: You know I don’t sit down and write, Na just to drink and tell producer to play beat, whatever I feel is what I record, like the latest single Ft small doctor, I was at Quilox clubbing and DJ Consequence was playing the Konga, then I started a freestyle in my mind, the next day, I called my artist and Small that I got an idea, we went to 2t Bois studio, and we made it happen .. Trust me the song is doing well on the mainland ooo lol ..

NE: Most know you for your street fame, do you think the transition to music will be taken seriously?
Baddy Oosha: I am not sure I can take music serious jare but never say never. I have a couple of music artists I am working on my label  Oosha empire

Listen to Timba Lowo by Baddy Oosha


NE: A couple of other music artistes have featured you on their singles, how did that come about?
Baddy Oosha: That’s what am saying, most of these people I’ve never met them ooo but if you have a good song and you write me, if I like it, I’ll record it and email it back to you, or probably If am recording my song and producers play songs from upcoming acts for me, if they need me I’ll do it for fun

NE: Who was the best artist to work with so far?
Baddy Oosha: I think Reminisce because he was on the same track with my boy Lekwise and he featured me too, but I was not there when he recorded but Small Doctor too Na monster ooo, trust me, so many hidden talents in that guy, he was the actual person that did the Konga for my new single, and the studio session was fun ..

NE: We know you have said you are doing music for fun, but what if fans of your music want you to do it full time?
Baddy Oosha: They can’t want it full naw, make them please naw ?? but trust me I’m going fully into MOVIES, I’ll be acting and producing. That’s my  where I will invest my 2017 budget.

NE: We know you are a ladies man. Describe your ideal woman.
Baddy Oosha: Be real that’s all..

NE: lol, that simple huh? Are you single or mingling?
Baddy Oosha: I’m singlemingling ?????

NE: So for sure, for sure you plan on going back fully into the movie industry?
Baddy Oosha: Yes and capital YES! 2017 Lion is coming fully. I plan on Acting and Producing ?

NE: What do you think contributed most to your fame?
Baddy Oosha: I’m a philanthropist… I think people tell people, I’ve been through so many things in life so if you have access to me, I always try as much as I can to give you reason to smile, it’s not easy to have access to me though. lol

NE: What is next for Baddy Oosha – what do you hope to achieve in the next couple of years?
Baddy Oosha: Investing in myself in movie industry and investing in artists in music industry

Listen to Ibile Freestyle by Baddy Oosha


NE: If there is anything you could change about yourself, what would it be?
Baddy Oosha: Expecting too much from friends because of the way I treat them. I expect the same but I’ve realized that life is not like that, we can’t be equal .. that sh*t has messed me up a couple of times but thank God we still dey.

NE: Any word of advice to those who look up to you?
Baddy Oosha: Be yourself, hustle and pray

NE: Thank you for your time and we look forward to seeing more of you in the Nigerian Movie industry
Baddy Oosha: Thank you!

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