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Nigerian Entertainment popularly known as NE is the first ever Nigerian Entertainment online resource founded in 1999. It went live in 2002  as a means to promote and improve the Nigerian Entertainment Industry. The goal has always been to showcase our entertainment industry to the world in a positive light. NE is by no means limited to Nigerians only, we also focus on quality entertainment from other parts of the world.

Nigerian Entertainment is Nigeria’s first ever online entertainment niche website. Decades later, we have revamped the website to still do just that plus more. Times have changed and so has technology, the new Nigerian Entertainment Website will be more fluid, while still delivering quality content. Here, you will find exclusive interviews, opinion and editorial pieces, music reviews, behind the scenes, movie previews and reviews, industry happening and so much more.

What sets NE apart is QUALITY. All of our features are carefully thought through to showcase only the best.Want to know how it all started? Check out our past issues dating back to 2003 here!.. Enjoy and welcome back.

Ps. We are looking for contributors who are passionate about the Nigerian Entertainment Industry and entertainment generally. If you would like to volunteer to write insightful articles for us, please do not hesitate to contact us

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