Adele : 25 Album Review – Emotional Ballads about Growth and Moving On

adele 25 album review

New Album by Adele :  25 – Emotional Ballads About Growth and Moving On

Review by Aisha O (@hahishaa)



LABEL: XL Recordings. Columbia Records

RELEASED: 20th November 2015

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins (I love her name) is back this year after a long break following the release of her second studio album in 2011, 21, and the OST for the James Bond themed movie, Skyfall in 2012.Just like the record breaking 21, 25 has been on some record breaking streak too, topping charts with the first single released and the album as a whole.

Hello from the other side sings like a ghost calling, but I’m not here to spook you. Not going to elaborate on this either because it’s been all over our radios and TV and topping all the charts known in the world. One question I’m going to ask is “WHY ARE YOU CHECKING ON THAT EX AFTER ALL THE PAIN YOU CAUSED??” Hello sounds like someone seeking for closure, a song trying to find out if your ex is doing better than you are or still as crumbled even though you’ve moved on. Produced by Greg Kurstin who also co-wrote it, I almost always skip the song these days, so skip skip, but still a beautiful song.

On Send My Love (To Your New Lover), Adele is saying hi to your new boo. This is funny to me because after a break up I’m not sure I want to say hello to you or your lover. I understand where she’s coming from since 21, so she’s saying bye to her ex in her own way.  Adele’s voice is one that’s always ready to belt out those notes with no preambles, this she does on I Miss You and the drums work so perfectly for this song, knowing where to go hard or otherwise.

When We Were Young is reminiscent of the one that got away, a young love lost and she sings this with all the emotions, I could feel it. I love the piano feel on this. On Remedy, she doesn’t sing like a heartbroken person anymore, instead she’s offering to comfort you, with her love of course. She’s willing to heal you because she’s healed. Adele says Remedy was written for her son, grandparents, boyfriend, and best friend. She sings about letting go gently on Water under the Bridge, even though they still got love for each other. The drums are back on this mid tempo song, and I love the backup, the voices and she doesn’t sing like she’s sad about being let go.

River Lea is a laid back track you start swaying to unconsciously, she apologizes for her wrongs, trying to move on but she doesn’t know how to just yet and her growing up years. It sings like a haunting song and the production fits so well, I like it in a weird way. Love in the Dark is a Ballad and Adele goes on hitting them notes with the piano playing singing how she’s a changed person and no love here anymore.

The acoustic Million Years Ago is very likely my favorite off this album, feels like she’s singing to me talking about the regrets, the things she misses and trying to live life more. I’m listening Adele, I feel you. It is such a soulful and sad song at the same time with just the guitars playing. sheds tear and my G card is collected. I kid

For me, All I Ask is the last track on this album and Sweetest Devotion is like a Bonus track dedicated to her son who she says doesn’t like her music, but it is a feel good song and sings about a mother’s love. All I Ask is a goodbye ballad with the ever faithful piano; she’s saying bye to the affair but wants it to end properly just in case she never loves again.

This 11 track album (Nigerian Artists please learn from this), wasn’t made to be compared to her previous albums, it’s more like a follow up to 21, showing that she has moved on. 25 isn’t as sad as 21, she’s said her goodbyes, learned, and has a baby! Her voice is still as strong, and emotions running but she has grown. Her lyrics are short, precise, easy to understand, and production on this album fits like a glove with the songs. Nothing is out of place, and it is a fusion of drums, piano, guitars, and the keyboard. 25 is one of the best albums to drop this year, and people are loving it, hopefully we get to see it win awards next year. You can find 25 on iTunes or any of your favorite music platforms to buy.

Adele’s 25 gets
nigerian entertainment review 4 stars

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