Jesse Jags: Jaga Love Music Video Review

jesse jagz jaga love

Song Title: Jaga Love

Artiste: Jesse Jagz, Ice Prince

Director: Clarence Peters

The Review 

This is Jesse’s first video since his return to Chocolate City in 2015 and after Jaga Love dropped as a single last year, I really hoped the video to the song would help confirm his return.

Although Jesse seemed to be talking specifically about one woman, it didn’t seem like that in the video as there were one or two “brown-skinned” girls dancing around and although he looked like he was having fun, he (and Ice Prince) seemed a bit too detached from the girls. No way was the girl he’s talking about in the video. LOL.

Clarence did a fine job. I’ve always thought some of our videos could be brighter, you know, especially the ones that aren’t shot in open-air locations and this one was just good. Clarence is one of the most popular in the country and he didn’t attain that by shooting mediocre videos so take it from me when I say, the pictures were impressive.

Also, we have to recognize the stylist/costumier who clothed both performers, especially Jesse Jagz because that blue jacket looked fantastic on him. The girls looked good too even though one or two of them, it would seem, weren’t very comfy in their costumes making them look a bit tacky.

The song is a good song. The video matched the song but not entirely, simply because there was no main girl. Only dancers.

Good job from everyone involved. Good job.

Review by Tolulope Ajiboye (@iamnotJUKE)

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