Flashback to 2007: Interview with 2Face Idibia

2face idibia 2007
2face Idibia is one of the few Nigerian Musicians who has stayed consistent in the quality of their sound. Nigerian Entertainment would like to share with you an interview with 2face done in 2007. Try and spot the growth and how a few things about him have changed. In this exclusive interview he talks about the Plantashun Boiz reunion, Kennis Music and also gives a brief insight to his personal life, which by the way has changed. As well all know, he is now happily married.  Enjoy the flashback, the interview and his current video in this article. 

Flashback Intro -How 2face Idibia was described in 2007

2face Idibia might just be the most popular recording artiste in present-day Nigeria and this is no fluke. He makes good music and his songs are among the best filtering through speakers and earphones. His smash hit “African Queen” opened him up to new levels of fame and prosperity. The song, a romantic ode to the beauty and charm of the black woman sparked a total feminine appreciation all over Nigeria, the rest of Africa, and lands well beyond. It was featured as a sound track in the movie Phat Girlz (starring Mo’nique); and drove the sale of the album “Face2Face” (his debut) way past the platinum mark. It also recently won the award for Best Music of the Decade at the Nigerian Music Awards, 2007.

Old Tuface fans were thoroughly satisfied and new ones swelled the fold. The huge support Tuface enjoys paved the way for a nomination at the MTV Europe Music Awards in the then-new “African Musician of the Year” category, which he eventually picked up. So far, he has not done badly in the honors department. In recognition of his immense popularity and achievements, the United Nations is reportedly making him a goodwill ambassador.

Much to the dismay of naysayers, his second album has managed to outwit (outright!) the sophomore jinx. “Grass2Grace” might go on to exceed the achievements of its predecessor. It boasts the singles “For Instance”, “No Shaking”, and the extremely popular but controversial “See Me So”  a track purportedly directed at Faze, who promptly retorted with “Letter to My Brother”.

Ironically, only a couple of months after the release of both songs, it was announced that the Plantashion Boiz were regrouping for another album, a development that should further bolster Tuface’s already solid profile. They already have a song out called “”.However successful the new venture (whether it’s a flop or a hit); Tuface can quickly retreat to solo status. It has worked for him before and can always work for him again. As things stand, it can safely be surmised that Tuface Idibia is here to stay.


What prompted the Plantashion Boiz reunion?

Tuface: As the Plantation Boiz, we were a very close-knit unit. Then we decided to each have a solo career. We have done that and made huge success out of it; now we feel its time we came back and did one more album.

In light of your supposed quarrel with Faze, with both of you recording diss songs, won’t the reunion be perceived as a gimmick?

Faze is like my brother and I’ve never done a diss song. And as for the Plantashion Boiz coming back together, there is no gimmick involved. We have no issues.

What label would the album be released on?

It will be released under Plantation Entertainment.

Who are the producers lined up to work on it?

We’ve got some of the best doing the producing. Producers like Spankin, George Nathaniel, Lil Cabasa and OJB Jezreel.

You started your own management company and label, right?

I don’t have a management company. I’m managed by Miss Joice Ize-Iyamu of Rouge Entertainment. What I own is a music label called Hypertek entertainment.

How many artistes are on your label?

The artistes under Hypertek are Da Natives, W4 and Natz.


How are the Natives doing?

Da Natives just finished work on their album. They have a new single and video entitled “Luv U Better”.

What is the exact place of Kennis Music in your career right now?

Though I own Hypertek Entertainment I’m not under it as an artiste; I’m still with Kennis Music. They are like fathers to me. I don’t think I’ll ever have a better record label here in Nigeria. – update.. 2face is no longer with Kennis Music.

Do you write your own songs? You have been criticized for not doing any of the writing

I have always written my own songs. I don’t know where the stories sprung from – that I don’t. A lot of artistes all over the world have song writers write songs for them. I don’t really have any problem with that. If I get a good song that I like and feel, I’ll definitely record it. But that hasn’t happened yet – so all the songs you hear on my albums were written by me.

How many albums have you sold so far  taking your debut and current albums together?

I don’t know just about how many albums I have sold. You’ll have to speak to my manager and record company about that – but I do know it’s within the single-digit million range.

Did you have any idea “See Me So” was going to become as big a hit as it as? And why haven’t you recorded a video for it?

Before any song is put out, I’ll always pray that it becomes a huge success, so I give God the glory. Though I didn’t think it’ll be this huge so fast. As for the video, it is already in the works

Any current endorsement deals?

There is still the Guinness deal. And also, my manager is currently in negotiations with some companies.

So, how’s your personal life? Why haven’t you spoken out Against condemnation of this area of your life  it’s not like it’s anybody’s business

My love life is some what non-existent right now and there is no significant other. Like I said in my song, “I’m looking for someone to complement me ….Looking for my true love”.

How was your first acting experience like? Any plans to do accept a movie role?

My first time experience was exhilarating. And, yes I have plans to act in more movies. My manager is in talks with certain movie people at the moment and she’s been going through some scripts. You’ll see me in another movie soon.

Favorite  movie?

I don’t have a favorite movie

How tall are you?

I’m 6’1”.

How do you relax during leisure?

I love my PSP [PlayStation Portable]. I love playing video games, listening to music and hanging out with friends.

Since this interview 2face Idibia has gone on to do bigger and better things. He is currently one of the most celebrated music artistes in Nigeria. Below is a new video from 2face titled Rainbow featuring T-Pain.

Rainbow ft. Tpain Video

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