Behind the Scenes with Sean Tizzle – Eruku Saye Po – Exclusive Interview with Pictures

Eruku Saye Po – BTS + Exclusive Interview

Nigerian Artiste Sean Tizzle recently shot the video to his single Eruku Saye Po. Nigerian Entertainment caught up with him for an interview to get exclusive deets. In this interview he gives us insight to the inspiration behind the song, what it took to make the video. He also shared some exclusive behind the scenes pictures with his Nigerian Entertainment fans.

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Nigerian Entertainment: What does Eruku Saye Po mean?

Sean Tizzle: Eruku Sa’ye Po simple means celebrate with your own.. You can also say Your goonz.

Nigerian Entertainment: What was the idea behind of the song?

Sean Tizzle:  Blaq Jerzee sent me the beat & immediately I heard the sound I loved it. It was the right sound at that point in my life cause I wanted to sing about some of the challenges I faced before I got here.

Nigerian Entertainment: Who came up with the concept of the video?

Sean Tizzle: We did.. My team and I were listening to the song over and over again after I recorded it. I remember Jay mentioned why not shoot the video at D Afrika Shrine. I already had an idea of how I wanted to portray the street so it worked perfectly.

Nigerian Entertainment: When shooting a video, a few things you take into consideration?

Sean Tizzle: The Lightning and Camera angles are very important. Those are the things I look out for.

Nigerian Entertainment: What are your expectations for the video?

Sean Tizzle: Eruku Sa’ye Po is massive in the streets. I’m just showing the streets love through my music. The video is out and the response has been massive. I have been getting huge love since the release.

Nigerian Entertainment: Best experience while shooting?

Sean Tizzle: The whole shoot was fun from start to finish because immediately we got to the location the love was real. A whole lot of people came through for the shoot. When word got out I was shooting at The Afrikan Shrine, some people actually came from Ikorodu and Agege just for the video shoot. That was exciting.

Nigerian Entertainment: When you look back at the video shoot, what things would you do over if given the chance?

Sean Tizzle: Honestly, the beginning of the video was suppose to be more detailed than that. If given the chance we would do that again.

Nigerian Entertainment: How well do you think the video correlates with the song?

Sean Tizzle: The video concept depicts unity and that was what the song was talking about. It also shows the hustler that is on his grind everyday but still finds time to celebrate with his own.

Nigerian Entertainment: Thoughts on the current state of entertainment in Nigeria?

Sean Tizzle: I can tell you there has been progress. The industry has created more employment for young Nigerians on various platforms. The industry is at a point where quality music is being appreciated. Now musical artistes like me can make money from royalties & digital sales. However, more structure needs to be in place for a more organised system.

Nigerian Entertainment: What video should we expect next?

Sean Tizzle: I can’t disclose that right now. There’s a lot of plans towards next year before my sophomore album drops. I don’t want to let more information out. I am excited about the album so far and I want the wait to be worth it. My fans deserve the best.

Nigerian Entertainment: What are your career goals?

Sean Tizzle: I want to make timeless music, so the younger generation can emulate. Among other things, we started The Sean Tizzle stay in school campaign earlier this year and we hope to finalize our ongoing project by the year 2016. Using my music as influence to help communities and secondary schools with dilapidated learning environment.

Nigerian Entertainment: What are you doing to achieve those goals?

Sean Tizzle: We are starting construction on a local borehole in one of the Schools. I am dropping another timeless album by 2016 and working with the best team to achieve this.


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Eruku Saye Po

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The video for Eruku Saye Po was Directed by ‘MEX‘ at Fela Anilukapo Kuti’s ‘New Afrika Shrine’ Ikeja – Lagos. The song, produced by Blaq Jerzee was released on October 11, 2015. You can watch the video below.


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