Pencil Portrait Artist Eguavoen Imuetiyan – The Works of a Self Taught Artist

Eguavoen Imuetiyan pencil rmd

Whoever said you could not teach yourself how to draw obviously hasn’t met Pencil Portrait Artist Eguavoen Imuetiyan. What is impressive about him is not just his work but how he started. He is one fine example of the benefits of social media. Eguavoen Imuetiyan began drawing after being inspired on Instagram. He then went on to learn the “how to” of drawing with a lot of dedication and practice. Nigerian Entertainment is profiling Eguavoen as an example to young artists who wish to tote this line of work, most especially pencil portrait artist like him who wish to learn but don’t know how to start. All it takes is a dream, motivation and of course getting to work. He has had no formal training yet his work look professional. As we sit with Eguavoen to discuss his work, we want those who are thinking about it to keep in mind that only you can stop you from achieving your dreams.

The Interview

Nigerian Entertainment: Please introduce Yourself
Eguavoen Imuetiyan: My name is Eguavoen Matthew Imuetiyan, From Edo State, Nigeria. I finished from the University of Port Harcourt, studied Civil Engineering. Just concluded my National Youth Service Year in October, served in Kaduna. I am an artist, i own a registered business, Pencil Portrait Artist. I am presently staying in Lagos.

Nigerian Entertainment: What inspired you to take drawing as an art form?
Eguavoen Imuetiyan: It was two years ago when I finally got on Instagram and I happened to follow a few people and some of them were artist because as a kid I had always had a thing for art. I saw works by these artists and I said to myself, I can do this. I went out to get a cardboard and pencil afterwards and I tried drawing but it wasn’t as good as I expected but I was happy.

What medium do you use?

Eguavoen Imuetiyan: I work with mainly graphite and charcoal pencils for now but hopefully I will be venturing into other mediums soon.

Why do you use or prefer that medium?

I chose the mediums because they are easier to work with in terms of blending and less messy.

Any formal training to become a Pencil Portrait Artist?

Non apart from the one I give to myself every day. I am a self-taught artist.

What challenges do you face learning how to draw?

One of the challenges a self-taught artist like myself would face every day is comparing your work with other artists in terms of who is better, I would have stopped drawing a long time ago for this simple reason. Another challenge is finishing a drawing and realizing it doesn’t look anything close to the original picture, I did a drawing of a friend once and I was all happy to surprise her with it, sent it to her and she said God forbid, this is not me. That was devastating for me though I didn’t give up and today she has asked me a couple of times when I will I be doing a drawing of her but I keep replying with “when I’m a lot better” lol

Name some people you have drawn.

The list is long but I will list some of them who are celebrities; movie actors and artiste like Wole Soyinka, Ben Carson, Sound Sultan, Falz, Morgan freeman, Jay Z, Don Jazzy, Dija, Richard Mofe Damijo, Skales.

Have you had the chance to present your work to any of them?

Yeah, the first person that loved my work and asked me to bring it to him when I am done was Sound Sultan; he’s a lover of art and a very kind and humble person. Others are Falz and then Skales, still looking for means to present my Wole Soyinka drawing in person to him, he’s a mentor.

Have you entered into any formal exhibition?

Once, in Kaduna, during a youth empowerment program.

What are your long-term goals?

Making a sustainable living out of doing art.

If there was anyone you could draw live, who would it be?

It would be Jhene Aiko, she’s my present celebrity crush. lol

Advice to anyone who is passionate about drawing but doesn’t know how to start?

The first thing I want to tell the person is, get a sketch pad and a pencil, and scribble a lot. It doesn’t have to look very good immediately but you will learn better ways of making it good. A mentor of mine Kuldip told me once, “Just keep practicing” it’s why I haven’t stopped since.

Where can people find your work?

You can find my works on my Twitter/Instagram page: @badt_boi_ and on my facebook page:

His Work

Eguavoen Imuetiyan pencil afro dija

Eguavoen Imuetiyan pencil falz


Eguavoen Imuetiyan pencil rmd

Eguavoen Imuetiyan pencil wole soyinka

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