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The 2015 Best of Nollywood Awards just wrapped and one of the biggest categories of the night was the Movie of the Year Category. The nominees were; October One – directed by Kunle Afolayan, Dry – directed by Stephanie Linus, Invasion 1897 – directed by Lancelot Imaseun, Stigma – directed by Dagogo Diminas and Torera – directed by Abey Lanr . The winner was Invasion 1897. Nigerian Entertainment would like to share with our readers the movie trailers for all nominated movies. If you have not seen any other them, we recommend that you do. Nollywood is really moving forward with interesting story lines and great production quality.

Invasion 1897 – Movie Trailer

Invasion 1897 is a story about a 1897 invasion of Benin Kingdom by Colonial Masters. The 1897 invasion of Benin marked the climax in the inordinate exploitation of Africans and black people’s by the West. This sinister quest began with slavery and later evolved to the famed scramble for Africa where the entire continent was divided. This movie depicts events leading to history as we know it.

Dry – Movie Trailer

Zara, a successful African doctor living in Wales is determined to stay away from her childhood memories and this now threatens her commitment to marry Alex, a gentleman she truly loves. Her mother, a missionary to Africa, has been unable to get Zara to go with her for her yearly medical aid trips to Africa. When her mother falls ill and unable to make a crucial trip and Zara discovers there is a strong possibility her long-lost daughter might still be alive in Africa, she steered in a new direction to face and conquer her darkest fears. Her trip to Africa becomes inevitable.
Back in Africa, thirteen year old Halima’s poor parents make her marry Sani, an old 60-year-old man. With no idea of sex or its intricacies, she goes through a dreadful ordeal as her new husband repeatedly rapes her. Pregnant and after the delivery of her child, young Halima suffers a condition known as Vesico Vaginal Fistula (VVF). A health nightmare suffered by over 800,000 other women just like her, she is ostracize and abandoned by her husband, family and community. It is a period of rejection, isolation and despair for Halima.
The movie follows a trail of Zara’s trip to Africa, her constant turmoil as a result of inexplicable horrors from her child hood, her experiences and heartaches while working with these suffering women against the backdrop of a rich African culture. Finally, Zara meets Halima and marvels at the revelation of the tie that binds them together. It is full of intrigues, suspense, unbelievable surprises and the joy of reconciliation and the power of the human spirit that is guaranteed to put a smile on people’s face. – Synopsis Culled from official movie website

Stigma – Movie Trailer

Stigma is a story about the stigma that surrounds the disease HIV/AIDS. A fiction drama about ignorance and the consequences of carelessness. But also about the power to overcome desperate situations in life, to burst one’s bonds and finally to be what you want to be. The movie stars, Jackie Appiah as Vanessa, Hilda Dokubo as Ibiso, Emeka Ike as Doctor Jude and Francis Duru as Counselor.

October 1 – Movie Trailer

It’s September 1960, and with Nigeria on the verge of independence from British colonial rule, a northern Nigerian Police Detective, DAN WAZIRI, is urgently despatched by the Colonial Government to the trading post town of Akote in the Western Region of Nigeria to solve a series of female murders that have struck horror in the hearts and minds of the local community. On getting to Akote, more murders are committed, and with local tension high and volatile, Waziri has a race on his hands to solve the case before even more local women are killed. Set against the backdrop of the national celebratory mood of the impending independence, Waziri is pulled into a game of cat and mouse as he and the killer try to outwit each other… leading to the climatic end in which the life of a popular local female teacher and village belle, TAWA, is held in the balance. Waziri has to race against the clock to capture the killer, save Tawa and solve the crime before the British flag is lowered and the Nigerian flag raised on Independence Day… October 1st. – Synopsis Culled from official movie website

Torera – THE Movie LINK here

Torera is now out so we put up the movie link instead of the trailer. We hope you enjoy the movie.

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