Visions by Sute Mixtape Review

Visions Mixtape Review

Review by Aisha O (@hahishaa)


Artist: Sute

Mixtape: Visions

Group: Bantu Collective

Released: November 2015

     Sute Iwar’s Visions is a 13 track tape, which a follow up to his mixtape titled Jeli that dropped in June 2015. He is a 22 year old Abuja based rapper/producer, when he is not working as a freelance Journalist. He has some other young guys on his team and together they are known as the Bantu Collective, blessing us with good music.

It opens with Trophies having Sute tell us how he has been focusing on this music business and trying to make some money. He’s got a mission and vision to make this dream come true and also tells us how you haven’t heard anything like this since NaetoC and MI. Sute has his eyes on taking some trophies home, and I hope it is soon.

Flood has Sute rapping about him paying his dues, friends telling him to move to the South, even though he’s pretty much known in Abuja, but he’s coming for you. There’s no love to the mainland babe as he raps “don’t hit me up if I got to drive to mainland and pick you up” and how he loves his music more. This track features 17 year old Tay Iwar on the hook who also produced this. One of my favorites off the tape, they’ve got great chemistry.

Mainland Cruise produced by Goldkeyz has Sute reminding us he’s not a mainland dude. It is a tale of his escapades in the city of Lagos. This babe asked him to come over but she lives on the mainland and that’s a long journey when you think of the traffic.  Anyway, he says he’s back in FCT, ladies your move. Ruxton and Kaleidoscope featuring Isah has him dropping some bars while telling a story and he’s working towards where he wants to move. He switches from Lagos to Abuja settings so I’m thinking he’s familiar with both cities. On Oceans produced by Tay, they both make beautiful music talking about the infamous side dude phenomenon.

I love that he knows what he wants and going for it, on Salvation, he’s fighting for what he believes in and trying to get on radios, shows but it’s so hard out there but they are a team so they got one another.  Zone One features David Onuoha and Zilla, sings like one dedicated to the Abuja babe that knows how to work it in the clubs and zones. On Desires, he’s begging for her love and something real, apologizes for all the mainland cruises he’s been engaging in. He’s a better man now he sings. Production so smooth with the drums, and they all sound different when you think that he produced most tracks. No recycled beats on this one.

Vapors 2.0 show different sides to the rapper, he can spit those bars while telling his girl he’s a changed person now but if you’re wondering where this talent is hiding, he reminds you he’s been chilling in Abuja. The reggae beat into Kingston gives it a totally different vibe as we’re almost to the end of the tape and he raps “…I hope you see the bigger picture when you come to Bantu…” to the girls that don’t see how serious this music business is, and he’s putting it so much work while at it. Primetime opens with a recording basically saying to enjoy the music, and stories of school days and how he’s trying to not forget the memories made while life keeps speeding by.

The mixtape closes with an ode to Abuja on Live From Apo produced by Tom Misch talking about the social vices going on in the different parts of the city, but he’s still stuck in the studio trying to make more music.  

I’m not sure if Sute shuttles between Abuja and Lagos but it is evident from this tape he’s got stories about the two cities. Asides from tracks in which I mentioned the Producers, all other tracks were produced by Sute which is a breath of fresh air seeing that they all sound different with influences from hip hop, RnB, reggae and a bit of drums that still gives it an African vibe. He’s able to tell his story smoothly while you feel like you’re on the journey with him. You can find him on  or, go cop that tape while it’s up for download.

Visions by Sute gets

nigerian entertainment review 4 stars


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