5 Live Performances by 2face Idibia We Absolutely Love

5 Live Performances by 2face Idibia We Absolutely Love

Nigerian Entertainment Shares Videos of Live Performances by 2face Idibia

2face Idibia did not earn the tag King of Pop Music in Nigeria by eating rice and beans. He did so with consistency and a lot of hard work. A lot of music artistes, both up coming and established, look up to 2face. One factor I personally think they need to emulate is his ability to perform with and own his performance with a live band. I have seen him perform live countless times and each time I was blown away by his command of his performance while using a live band. He has fun being spontaneous and you can feel how passionate he is about his music via his performance. In this exclusive feature by Nigerian Entertainment, I would like to share with you 5 Live Performances by 2face Idibia we absolutely love. Some of them are professionally done, some of them are a bit rough around the edges. One thing they have in common however is that it shows the proficiency of the artiste.

2face Performs One Love with a Live Band

I absolutely love how he recreated his hit song “One Love” during this performance. He infuses names of other nations which obviously helps when you have a diverse crowd and wish to carry them along. He also uses his song to create awareness current events of that time when he said “just the other day I saw on CNN- they tried to blow up a plane by a Nigerian – they call us terrorist now – but they know we are no terrorists – everywhere we go, I’ll be saying, all we need is one love.” One love is one of my favorite 2face tracks because it preaches peace and the world we live in right now needs a whole lot of peace.

2face Performs Only Me At Buckwyld & Breathless Concert

I got to work behind the scenes at this show so I saw a lot of the backstage deets. Amidst all the stress that comes with putting together a huge event, he kept his composure professional the entire time. I would be overstating things if I said 2face is talented, we all know this already. What stood out about this performance for me was the fact that he had many sets that night and he nailed every single one. He is quite versatile and energetic. I guess you would be when you get to do something you love, that you are very good at.

2Face Performs Acoustic Spiritual Healing

If you think 2face is only good with the glitz and glam of a full live band well think again. This video shows how versatile he can be. I am sure 2face can sit at a mama put and blow and he would still sound good. He does an acoustic version of his song “Spiritual Healing” to a single guitar and a lot of background distractions. He kept it 100 and did not allow himself divert from the sound. Although the quality of the video is not great, you still get a sense of the artistes capabilities.

2Face Idibia performs with Machel Montano at the St Kitts Music Festival

I included this video to show that he is able to do his thing while performing with another artiste. 2face and Machel Montana rocked the crowd and kept the band on their feet, ok some where seated, but you catch my drift. There is loads of energy in this performance. If you know anything about 2face you will know Reggeae/Dancehall is his first love when it comes to music. I am still waiting for a full reggae album from him because I am sure it will sound fantastic.

2face Idibia Performs a Medley of his songs

This is one of my favorite 2face Live performances because of how lit yet so simple it was. He performed a medley of some of his songs on the Project Fame stage and it sounded a million times better than any CD performance could have sounded. After watching this video, I wanted to get up, get dressed and attend a 2face concert.

Judging by these live performances by 2face Idibia, you can tell he has obviously earned his street cred. The only thing I wish to see more of is better production quality in the taping of live shows in Nigeria. That is in no way the fault of the artist. If you are putting together a live show, do document it properly. 2face continues to be one of the most sought after music stars in Africa. He has been relevant in the music scene for over a decade. If there is any lesson to be learned from him, it is, if you are going to do something, do it well.

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