Why Every Nigerian Entertainer Needs A Website – Citing Singer Omawumi as having the right idea

Why Every Entertainer Needs A Website - Citing Singer Omawumi as having the right idea

Nigerian Singer Omawumi’s Website – A Step in the Right Direction for a Nigerian Entertainer

I have always wondered why a lot of our entertainers do not have their own official website. I see having a personal website as a one stop shop for the fans to find out everything they need to know about their favorite entertainer. The fact that a lot of our big name entertainers do not have one is alarming. Instead, they rely on social media apps like Instagram, Twitter and the likes to relay information to their fans. This is great because of the fast paced nature of the internet but it is also not so great if you do not have a platform where they can find out more.

When you only post to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you are competing for the same attention your colleagues are competing for. When you post to your official website and share a link, it will bring your fans to a world that is primarily about you. Until they exit out of your website, there are no distractions. There is no scrolling to see other people’s pictures, there is no scrolling to see other people’s download links, all they see on your website is information about you.

I wonder why a lot of entertainers are not utilizing this very easy to use medium of publicity. I am not an actress or singer and I have had my own personal website for as long as I have been prevalent on the internet. For me, it is a must have.

Omawumi now has her own website (IAMOMAWUMI.COM). It features her profile, music, videos and live updates from the singer. It is what I call a one stop shop for anything Omawumi. This to me is fantastic! Although her website needs a lot more updates, this is a step in the right direction. Omawumi is a great singer and a big brand. I am sure sure her fans would like a spot where they can get updates about her. Well, now they have it and other entertainers should model this.

It took Omawumi a while to launch the website so it is still not high up there in the search engines when you search her name. This to me is a big blow to the brand’s online presence. I say this because, if you are an artist that works hard and has a fan following, people will search for you via search engines. When they search your name and you do not have your own website, the next thing they will see are the websites posting about you. This works in the favor of those websites. They get the hits and you get not so in-depth information about you posted online.

The easiest way to put it is this; you are pretty much leaving your brand in the hands of others.

People who search you will see information the blogs put out and not necessarily information you want people to see about you. Having your own website somewhat reduces this. If you understand how SEO and google search works, you most definitely want to have a website up sooner than later. You also want to keep your website as active as possible. This will help with it’s relevance with search engines. A dormant website has less chances of making it to the first page of google except the search term is not popular.

I feel like, when you start your career, it should be high up there on your to-do list. Why should XYZ blog be number 1 on the search engine page when it comes to your name? At least try to attain first page spot and allow the end-user scroll to your official website before they get tired of searching. Another thing to note is, always indicate in your title that it is your official website. Before I end this article let me say, if you don’t have a website as an entertainer you should do so ASAP. Building a website has been made very easy with open source softwares like wordpress. It is wise to take your online presence as serious as you do your offline presence.

I hope this article has been as helpful as possible. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below.

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