Why Bovi was a Better Comedian Choice for Headies Award than Basketmouth or AY Comedian

bovi the comedian
The 2015 and now technically 2016 Headies Award will hold on January 1st 2016. The decision to move the date to new years day must have been a challenging one. It is meant to be the 2016 Headies but obviously the fact that it is being held in 2016 complicates that title. All the same,  I am sure the crowd will have a good time. Our correspondent will be there to bring you exclusive pictures and all the deets on what went down.

The headies announced their hosts a while back. It will be the combination of Kaffy the dance queen and Bovi the comedian. A good combination in my opinion. Kaffy is extremely lively and energetic and Bovi is funny and equally as energetic. Before the announcements were made I had the inkling that one of the hosts will be a comedian. I was not sure who but I kind of figured it would be one of the usual. Two comedians I am glad it is not are Basketmouth and AY the Comedian and I will explain why.

I personally think Basketmouth USED to me funny. He has reached a point in his career where he is just redundant and dry. This combination for me equal snoozeville. Basketmouth was one of the hosts at the recently concluded OLIC and we heard his set was disastrous. He had the crowd laughing all right – laughing at him. Some of our peers who were at the even said they could not wait for him to leave the stage. Maybe he should give it a rest and go to comedy school to go find new jokes. I think not being able to crack jokes about touchy subjects has also affected him. You know how it is when all you know how to do is make crude jokes sound funny, then all of a sudden crude jokes are no longer cool? Finding your foot may be hard and I think this is where he is at.

I like one thing about AY the Comedian. I think secretly he knows he is not that funny. He was wise enough to try his hands at something else. He has several TV attempts under his belt, was smart enough  to invest in his wife, and also ventured into move making with that awfully boring  movie 40 Days in Atlanta – I am not sure why he was angry it was pirated – it should have been given away free of charge. The addition of eye candy Ramsey Nouah was not helpful either. The storyline dragged and dragged and the awful acting from AY did not help matters. I think he also tried his hands at blogging, not sure he is the owner or making any coins from that though. One the flip side, he does put together good events so maybe his future is in event management. His wife also has great interior decorating taste so maybe next time he should pour that movie production and promotion money into furthering her career.

The choice of Bovi is a good one. He is naturally funny. He hasn’t expired his time and he is personable. Being personable helps a lot when you are in the entertainment industry. When you are arrogant and a comedian – it is not a very healthy combination. Bovi has a sweet personality and it makes him very endearing to watch. He has this quirky smile that makes delivery of his jokes even funnier. I remember the first time I saw Bovi was on television. He was on the TV Show called The Extended Family, I would watch and laugh my behind off. This was while ago and so far he has stayed consistent. He released several skits on YouTube that I do watch when I need a good laugh. I am sure the choice of him as the host of the 2015 Headies will sit well with the audience. You can watch one of his comedy clips below.

THE PROPOSAL – Featuring Bovi and Ijeoma

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