Nigerian Music: Abefe by 9ice – Download Link + Lyrics

Abefe by 9ice
Nigerian Music can be captivating when it wants to be. There are some songs you listen to that you are automatically endeared to. Abefe by 9ice is one of them. 9ice remains one of Nigeria’s top recording artists. His indigenous style of music has helped him garner a loyal fan following. He just released a new single titled Abefe. Abefe is a playful romantic love song. It has a lot of highlife undertone. The singer talks about loving his woman and begs her no to listen to other men that may want to steal her away. He suggests different things they can do to sustain their love life.
Knowing Nigeria and its wedding culture, Abefe is going to be one of those sought after wedding songs. In case you were wondering what Abefe means, it is a Yoruba term for a woman you beg to be with you. Cute!



Chorus –

Ayanfe eminado me
Abefe ma dorobuchi me

My love for you surpass orente
Baby you know igi kan ole dagbose
Jekalo lofe e
Bi Oyin
Ife e
Bi Oyin
Jekalo fe e
Yungba- yungba bi oyin
Ife e
Yugba-yungba bi Oyin

1st Verse

You be my pacero
I be your poraro
This one na collabo
For a better tomorrow
Idi lolo
Idi lolo

Go down low
Abefe go down low
Let them know o
Our love na for real o

We no deh joke o
We no deh play
Let them catch cold o
If them think say we go seke
Let them catch cold if them think say we go seke

Repeat Chorus

2nd Verse

Counselor come counsel us
So we go be forever
Bachelor don tire me I need my lover

My lover my lover no other baby
I be your tiger
Your tiger your tiger darling

Yara tete yara tete
Malo sun baby
Tara shasha tara shasha
Me and you go be
Me and you go be
No one go fit put asunder
Me and you go be
Any kind of whether

Repeat Chorus till it fade

9ice has really been busy. He recently release the video to his song OGARA. He had earlier released songs like ‘Sugar’, ‘Familete’ and ‘Lord’s Prayer’. While ‘Sugar’ and ‘Lord’s Prayer’ were produced by Puffy Tee, ‘Familete’ was produced by Id Cabasa.

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