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New Album by Justin Bieber :  Purpose

Review by Aisha O (@hahishaa)

ARTIST: Justin Bieber

ALBUM: Purpose

LABEL: Def Jam Recordings. School Boy records

RELEASED: November 13 2015

Justin Bieber, the pop and contemporary RnB singer released his fourth studio album Purpose that got everyone paying attention to the 21-year-old that broke out in 2010 with the chart topping single, Baby.

Purpose which is a 20 track album starts with Mark My Words which is an acoustic that basically has Justin showing off his vocals and he does same on I’ll Show You but with a mid-tempo beat. Production is smooth and easy on the ears; focus was more on the vocals.

What Do You Mean was the first single released from the Album in August, here Justin is singing about how y’all ladies don’t like to make up your mind. (LOL) I liked this song on first listen; it has a fusion of the electro and house music on production. Sorry also earlier released is one of the singles topping charts from the album, Justin Bieber is mature on this one, trying to apologize for his wrongs and seek forgiveness. It’s an up-tempo dance track too but works well with his story line.

On Love Yourself, Justin sings “my mama don’t like you she likes everyone…”  he sings about a girl who took him for granted and didn’t love him for who he was but he’s moved on but he’s not exactly mad at her more like being indifferent now. On Company, No Pressure, No Sense, The Feeling, he is still reminding us he can sing, and there’s the piano, bass and the right production on these songs. They transition into one another easily without feeling out of place.

One of my favorite tracks off the album Life Is Worth Living makes you sit and reflect, it has a ballad feel to it with just the piano running, talks about forgiveness, learning from the mistakes made and just being a better person generally. Where Are You Now produced by Skrillex was a track on the producer’s tape which he just re made for the album; it’s one of the EDM tracks which would do well in the clubs. Children, also features Skrillex which also takes the house music approach, metals and all.

The album title Purpose is next and I’m not so sure if Justin is singing about love or to God even though I think it’s the latter. It’s also one of my favorites on the album, just the piano on this one too.  

Been You starts the bonus tracks, he picks up from the reflective state to an up tempo pace still on what he would have done differently if he had the powers to and he follows the trend on Get Used To Me, feels like a continuation to me. On We Are he features Nas and I love his verse, Trust, All In It, Hit The Ground, Justin Bieber is singing about love, focusing more on his vocals and production still good on these tracks.

The Most sounds like a sequel to Where Are You Now but with a mellow feel to it, like he’s completing the answer to his question.

In all, Justin Bieber has grown and making music for the adults now and the producers he worked with on this album helped him find the right balance. He was able to create something that still remained within the pop genre but had fusion of the electro, dance, RnB, and House music. Purpose is smooth, easy to listen to, and has won him fans from the older generation. This is probably his best album coming from him and more people are paying attention now.

Purpose by Justin Bieber Gets
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