9ice OGARA Music Video Review


A Music Video Review of 9ice’s Latest Video OGARA

Review by Tolulope Ajiboye (@iamnotJUKE)

Song Title: Ogara
Artiste: 9ice
Director: Alexander The Great a.k.a. 9ice
Location: Cape Town
Styling: @Matracyleerosslind (IG)
Edited by: Mr Miagy – IG @mr_miagy … Twitter @_mr_miagy
Label: Alapomeji Ancestral Records (AAR)

The Review:

Over the years, if you’ve been following Nigerian music for a long time, there’s no denying how much improvement there’s been. Sometimes, I get so excited and physically joyful when I watch videos done about three or four years ago and videos done now. The difference sticks out and is very impressive. This brings me to this video.

I’ll connect the introduction later but first, can we just take a few moments (or sentences, in this case) to say just how happy 9ice seemed in this video? Or was it just me? 9ice was happy! I have made a sort of mental note to myself to ask about this video whenever I saw him. Or, if you know 9ice, talk to him for me maybe? Nothing was over emphasised. He wasn’t trying to act like a Baba Nla (shouts to Wizkid).  It just seemed like he was living a normal day and happened to be filming it.

The song is basically a prayer asking God to bless him and show him the path to follow and the video showed just that. Apart from the girls and drinks, there was pretty much nothing else in this video that didn’t seem to follow the direction of the song’s topic.

This video shows that the future of Nigerian musical visuals can only get brighter and brighter. Very clear video. Very clean shots. Nothing too complex so there was probably no need for any serious continuity. Apart from the shades he wore, I don’t think there were any adornments at all. No jewellery. I mean, probably not even a wrist watch. Maybe this was deliberately done so listeners would focus more on the audio and less on the video. 9ice is an impressive songwriter and singer, yes. Maybe I’m stale but I was pleasantly shocked when I found out he directed the video himself!

The beginning though, the only part I didn’t understand didn’t seem to connect. Its either that or, just as I said, I didn’t understand it. He supposedly came out of his house, felt his pocket and seemed a bit distressed about something. I thought that at some point in the video, that introduction would be further elaborated, but nah, I was disappointed.

Somebody tell 9ice to keep it up.

Ogara Music Video Gets
nigerian entertainment review 4 stars


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