Hilarious Made in Nigeria English


We all know a lot of unique things come out of Nigeria, but did you know Nigeria also has its own slangs in the english language. Here are some funny made in Nigeria english. I have translated them.
* Abeg dress well. = Please dress better
* If I hear pim, u go hear weeen. = If you say a word, you will be in trouble.
* Have they BROUGHT light? = Is the power back?
* The FILM is SWEET = The movie is good.
* Pls help me SLOW that fan = Please turn the fan down.
* Mummy HAVE come = Mom just arrived.
* I’ll tell my daddy FOR YOU = I will tell my dad.
* Have you paid your school fees money? = Have you paid your school fees
* See as you BAFF up = Look how well you are dressed.
* Put the bread inside LYLON = Put the bread inside the plastic bag.
* I strong KAKARAKA = I am very strong
* Oya come and be going = Please go home
* I KUKUMA don’t have your time = I do not have time for you
* Shebi you have BB charger = Do you have a blackberry charger
* See how her eye is entering my food = She is staring at my food.
* Did you see the sound of my ringtone? = Did you hear my ringtone?
* I know you have come since bcoz I hear your perfume =  I knew you were around because I smelled your perfume
* If i land u slap eh = I will slap you
* My daddy just go now now = My dad just left
* I have see it bfor bfor. = I saw it before
* Oga make you reverse BACK as me I don dress forward. = Sir, reverse your vehicle so that I can move forward
Make you call after later now. I dey do meeting. = Call back later, I am in a meeting


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