Wizkid Final (Baba Nla) Music Video Review

Wizkid Final Baba-Nla Music Video Review

A Review of Wizkids new video Final (Baba Nla)

Review by Tolulope Ajiboye (@iamnotJUKE)

Song Title: Final (Baba Nla)
Artiste: Wizkid
Director: Sesan

The Review:

Most of the artistes in the world today (who aren’t soul or country singers) have opulence as an integral part of the music. Even though this is more visible in Hip-Hop, many RnB and Pop singers also participate in this culture. Now, this is not to knock the culture. In fact, it makes things a bit interesting and whether or not you believe what you see on TV is left to you.
Wizkid dropped Final (Baba Nla) very recently and quickly dropped this really “swaggy” video shortly after. The two minute, forty one second long video shows Wizkid with women, drinks and fancy cars. Sadly, like many videos, it didn’t have much more than that but when you have a song whose aim is to display flamboyance then you really might not be able to do too much with it.
Sesan was quite brilliant with this one. He seemed to make sure the video was very colourful and pleasant to the eye without too many unnecessary flashing lights and special effects. A feel good song like Final should have a feel good video too and that was expressly achieved.
While Wizkid is known to have a specific style of dressing, (and even though he eventually took it off after about a minute and a half in the video) it was quite memorable to watch him dance around a bit in a well-fitting agbada which added to his image as a boss.
Generally, good lighting, good camera shots, pretty women and flashy cars. You would think you’re done with videos like this but something about this particular one keeps it interesting and doesn’t bore you at all.
Apart from Wizkid and maybe Wizzy Baby, maybe he wants us to start calling him Baba Nla which, for those who may not understand Yoruba, roughly translates as Big Man.
All hail the Baba Nla!

Final (Baba Nla) Gets
nigerian entertainment review 3 stars

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