Guardiola Signed and Sacked Within Hours by Barcelona for Old offensive tweets.

Sergi Guardiola
Barcelona sacked midfielder Sergi Guardiola just 9 hours after he signed because of a series of “offensive” tweets, the club announced on Monday.
Guardiola, 24, signed to play for Barca B on Monday, and the team announced the move on their website and by the end of the day, the club had terminated the contract immediately announcing it on their official website that the contract is no longer valid.

AS reports that two of the offending tweets were posted during last month’s Clasico, in which Barcelona beat Real Madrid 4-0 at the Bernabeu, read “I wouldn’t put Messi in my team, he stops the others from playing,” and “Up Madrid and f— Catalonia.”

The player apologised for that incident, but denied posting other tweets attributed to him that were reported to have been put online in 2013.

“I know I have done wrong. I apologise to Catalonia, to Barca and two whoever has been offended,” he said.

“There were some tweets from three years ago, after a training session, and I did not write them. I know I did not write them. But if I was Barca, I’d have done the same.”

He suffered from Social Media Syndrome(SMS), infected people never seem to mind what they tweet, lol. I expect Real Madrid to sign him now if for nothing, just to spite Barcelona.

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