What to expect from the Presence of Mourinho, Klopp, Guardiola and Simeone in the Premier League.

What to expect from the Presence of Mourinho, Klopp, Guardiola and Simeone in the Premier League.

What to expect from the Presence of Mourinho, Klopp, Guardiola and Simeone in the Premier League.

They are the managers I refer to as the New Generation managers, the managers that have revolutionized football by ensuring that managers get as much praise as the footballers, believe it or not, they deserve all the attention and praise because they are that good with different football philosophies that have brought about so many trophies in recent years. We may very soon stop imagining and get to see them all taking charge of a team in the Premier league at the same time.

  • Mourinho has just been sacked by Chelsea and is taking up another job soon, with Manchester united favorites to land him as they look to get rid of Van Gaal who is winless with united in 6, losing the last 3 games.
  • Guardiola has announced he would be leaving Bayern Munich at the end of the season and Bayern have swiftly appointed Ancelotti as his successor. Pep sounded out the EPL as his next destination and specifically said he would love to manage in London. By London he actually meant Arsenal because only them match the style of play he loves, but Arsenal are obviously not parting with Wenger anytime soon. Manchester city are currently the favorites to land him as he allegedly cut Chelsea off contention by demanding 10 new players for him to come. I guess only Man.city can guarantee that many at this moment.
  • Jurgen klopp though not finding it easy at Liverpool currently, losing his last 2 games. He took over from Brendan Rodgers in october and stated afterwards that if he doesn’t win the league in 3 years, he would be off to Switzerland so expect him to still be in England for the next 2 years.
  • Diego Simeone is being tracked by Chelsea after their number one target in the person of Pep has stated his uphill demand forcing Chelsea to shift their attention to this man who has adopted a football philosophy that combines Mourinho’s Solidity/ Pragmatism and Guardiola’s Fluid football that is possession based. He’s gonna be a real force in the Premier league.

These four managers epitomize Professionalism, Passion and Success. They’ve won an astonishing total of 53 trophies between them over the past decade Mou(22), pep(19), Simeone(7) and Klopp(5).

What to Expect?

With these 4 managers in the EPL probably starting from next season, expect;

  1. Unprecedented passion as never seen before in the Premier league.
  2. Greater competition and Rivalry which will definitely move from between clubs to even coaches.
  3. More World class players in the EPL because World class coaches attract world-class players any top class player deep down would want to be managed by any of these coaches.
  4. More Glamour and Global focus. Who doesn’t want to know the outright best of all four? I guess nobody. Though in my opinion Mourinho is leading at the moment but some will argue Guardiola is better than him while some will argue Simeone or Klopp because they work well with fewer resources unlike the former duo.

Written by Funsho Ogunbeku (@Footycabal)

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